Design & Build Process

Noble Renovation employs a proven, step-by-step design/build process that ensures customer satisfaction. This process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1:  Initial Contact/Conversation (Collect general Information)
  • Step 2:  First Site Visit
  • Step 3:  Ball Park Estimate
  • Step 4:  Design / Plan with official estimate
  • Step 5:  Sign contract, plan and schedule
  • Step 6:  Remodeling / Construction Phase
  • Step 7:  Final Orientation (project complete)

Step 1: Initial conversation

During our initial contact with you as homeowner, we carefully listen and gather general information about your project.

Step 2: Initial Site Visit

Once we schedule an appointment with you at your home, please allow at least 1-2 hours for this meeting. We would ask that all parties involved in your project attend the meeting. During this meeting, we take photos of the lot and the specific area involved in the proposed project, and we discuss the following with you:

  • Design criteria, restrictions and/or obstacles
  • Structural considerations
  • Options to be considered (e.g. bath fixtures, window/door styles, type of countertops)
  • Theme or concept you are trying to accomplish
  • Questions you may have, and questions we will have
  • The Initial Site Visit is also your opportunity to evaluate Noble Renovation. (See our list of things you should ask a contractor).

Step 3: Ballpark Estimate

This estimate is typically a feasibility tool for the homeowner to use to benchmark the project budget. We will schedule another in home visit with you to review this estimate. Please allow at least 1.5 hours for this meeting. We request that all parties involved in your project attend this meeting.

The price range or variance may be greater for older homes or on projects that involve many unknowns, such as a high level of detail or severe complexity. (Also, be advised of the new law in effect as of April 2010 pertaining to remodeling guidelines of houses built prior to 1978 that may have lead.)
Attached to the Ballpark Estimate is a list of our references, with names and phone numbers of homeowners. These references are recently finished projects and unique projects in your area.

Step 4: Design and Planning Phase for Remodeling and Renovation

PHOTO-design-build-process-step4-blueprintAfter acceptance of the Ballpark Estimate, you as homeowner will give us the “go ahead” via a Letter of Intent, and the Design Phase begins. The designer or architect (if necessary) takes the project photographs and concept sketches and develops a “plan”.

Noble Renovation then will obtain specific price quotes from siding, framing, HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors. Depending on the complexity of the project, consultation with a structural engineer may be required. Once quotes are received, we compile the information into a report that includes the following:

The Project Specifications Sheet contains details such as the calculation of allowances, footing definitions, structural data, HVAC, plumbing and electrical.
The Construction Agreement contains legalities and draw schedules for payments. The content outlines the protections for both the consumer as well as Noble Renovation. Most of our contracts end up being 5-8 pages. The bigger the project, the longer the agreement.
A 2-3 hour meeting is sometimes necessary for us to review the project specifications and plan changes. Once the plans are finalized for construction, the homeowner and Noble Renovation will then authorize the project to begin (Signing the contract).

Step 5: Preconstruction Phase for Remodeling and Renovations

At the two-hour preconstruction meeting, we will review all documentation together again and decide upon a forecasted start date. Other topics covered at this meeting include:

  • PHOTO-design-build-process-step6-coupleHow you should prepare your house for remodeling
  • Location of the portable toilet (if a large project, such as an addition)
  • Location of the material staging area
  • Location of the debris pile and debris control
  • Dust and damage control
  • Lead paint hazard for homes constructed before 1978
  • Home access, home security and project safety
  • Children and pets and their access to the worksite
  • Parking for our construction crews
  • How production schedules and working hours will impact your family
  • Payment schedules
  • Delays incurred and why
  • Job signs and permit box locations
  • Submission of permits

We use drop cloths, padded mats, plastic, paper, plastic room dividers, shoe covers and vacuums – but please remember that sheetrock and plaster dust are difficult to completely control. At the end of the project, our professional cleaning crews will come in and polish everything down. If there is to be a kitchen remodel, we will help you set up a temporary work area with your coffeepot, microwave and refrigerator in another room. If your project is an addition, many times we will erect an orange construction fence to keep children and pets from the work area. Maintaining safety is very important to us.

Leading up to this point, you will be advised of moving your valuables, paintings, wall decorations, rugs, drapes and furniture from the project area.

Step 6: Construction Phase for Remodeling and Renovations

When construction is ready to begin, Noble Renovation will produce a schedule that is shared with all parties involved. Our goal is to keep you informed from start to finish by email, phone calls and/or texts. Remodeling can be a major disruption in your family’s lives depending on the nature of your project; our priority is to keep that to a minimum and maintain a safe work site.

Step 7: Project Completion “walk through”

Although we strive for perfection, there will invariably be small details that will need attention at the “completion” of your project. That is the reason behind the final orientation or “walk through”. The final payment is not due until the to-do list is completed. The final payment initiates the two-year standard warranty.
Here are some typical to do list items to check for:

  • Painting, caulking or drywall flawsPHOTO-design-build-process-step7-checklist
  • Missing hardware or hardware needing adjustment
  • Cabinet Door and drawer adjustment
  • Plumbing fixtures that need an adjustment
  • Appliances that need adjustment or programmed
  • HVAC controls that need adjustment
  • Window screens or latches
  • Spot cleaning from doing the “to do list”

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