Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Questions You Should Ask!

Whether you are receiving ballpark estimates or official proposals from builders, you need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples to make an informed decision. Certainly, comparing costs, quality of materials, and the quality of workmanship are critical factors. First identify the important differences from contractor to contractor. 

Are you a licensed General Contractor?

Yes, Steve Minor, the owner and founder of Noble Renovation has been the licensee for Noble Renovation since 2008. Our Unlimited license number is 68548.  The unlimited license designation allows us to build a residential project of any size or cost.  (We are listed as Noble Realty, Inc., dba Noble Renovation.)

Do you have General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance? How about Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Yes, we do! As a licensed builder in NC, it is required by law we have WC and GL policies. Some contractors believe they don’t have to have insurance. Municipalities are required to obtain a copy of the builder’s current insurance certificates when applying for a new building permit. ACORD certificates are valid for one year.

If we’re building a home for you, a lien agent and a Builder’s Risk Insurance policy is necessary.

Do you use Subcontractors, are they fully insured and are they licensed?

We use subcontractors exclusively, and yes, we require all our subcontractors to have their own General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance policies. Each year we are audited by our insurance company (BMIC) to verify our subcontractors have insurance policies and are in good standing. We hold copies of each subcontractor’s ACORD insurance certificates. 

MEP’s: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing trades, these 3 core trades are required to be licensed and fully insured in the state of North Carolina. These licensed trade partners are added to your project permit.

Are you a member of the Wake Country HBA, or NAHB and subscribed to the code of ethics?

Yes, we are a member of the NAHB and the local HBA and Remodeler’s Council. And yes, we have subscribed to the Code of Ethics and have maintained these promises since establishing business in 2008.

Do you use construction management software programs to manage projects?

We are very passionate about tapping into the advancement of software to help us manage the endless details of our projects. It’s essential to run a construction company. Our JobTread software allows us to collaborate with our clients, our vendors, and our subs through the design and construction process. JobTread allows our clients to view the finances of the project, selections, the schedule, daily logs, all documents, photos, videos and more. 

How are payments handled to fund the project? Is this detailed in your contract agreement?

Most of our projects have 5 draw payments beginning with a deposit usually around 20-25% of the total of the project.  We use the deposit funds to order cabinets, windows, doors, appliances, fixtures and permits.  

The schedule of draw payments is based on the phases of construction completed.  We will invoice according to the contract terms and give you 7 days to make the next payment.  We do offer secure online payments if you wish to have that convenience. 

Can I read your contract and warranty?

Yes, here is link to our Contract Agreement which also outlines our warranty coverage. 

We believe the agreement is everything you would hope or expect to equitably represent both parties with important legal verbiage, notably the payment draw schedule, the limited warranty, how change orders are handled, unknowns, variances and the approximate start and completion dates. 

How are change orders handled?

Request to alter the original scope of work must be put in writing.  Clients can send a text, email, or a message in your client portal to initiate the process.   Ideally, we are given the appropriate time to price out the changes, draft it in a “change order” document and have you approved it before the work begins. It should work like a mini proposal.  

How are permits handled?

As a licensed contractor, pulling a permit is not optional. Significant remodeling projects involve several important inspections ranging from footings, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation and building finals. Our industry, like any other, requires minimum standards and codes which must be met through accountability, which is made possible through permitting and inspections.

Who will oversee my job? May I meet this person ahead of time?

Please be assured the Superintendent put in charge of your project will be qualified, well prepared, organized, and in attendance to conduct your pre-construction meeting. The Superintendent will be involved in your project daily until completion.  Note: We will post daily logs with photos/videos in your project daily log in the JobTread portal. The operations manager of Noble Renovation will know what’s going on with your project. 

Is Noble Renovation involved or ever been involved in any litigation?

No, since Noble Renovation was founded in 2008, we can proudly say we have NOT been in any kind of litigation with a past client, subcontractor, or vendor. We work hard to earn your business, we work hard to satisfy you, so the last thing we want to do is fight with our client over an unresolved issue. 

We are committed to solving problems and doing our best to give you a great experience along the journey of “remodeling your home”. The reality is a lot of things can go wrong in remodeling. 

It comes down to having a vision, core values, a solid process, and maintaining great communication with the team and partners of the project. Please feel free to call anyone on our list of references.

Do you have quality references and reviews?

Yes, we have numerous references. We have several repeat clients and many 5-star reviews.

Houzz Reviews

Google Reviews

How do we protect the home during construction?

We will work hard to control debris, noise, and dust to the best we are able. We are not perfect, but we understand what should happen to protect your home, your family, and your possessions in the process.

During the pre-construction meeting we will discuss a wide range of topics such as the location of the dumpster, status of permit, start date, port-a-Jon location, contractor parking, yard signs, a staging area for project materials, working hours, access to the house and of course dust barriers, as well as the possessions we need the homeowner to remove from the site area.

Do you have an Architect or Interior Designer for design service and professional blueprints?

Yes! Our in-house Interior Designer will guide you through the conceptual design and the selections process.  We use Chief Architect software for developing professional blueprints. The software allows us to have 3D collaboration with you, help us through conceptual design providing you world class renderings that look like real photographs. This gives our clients tremendous confidence in the project and in Noble Renovation. 

If the project is an extremely complicated addition or new home build, we recommend working with one of our professional Architect partners. 


What stands out between Noble Renovation and its competition?

Noble Renovation strives to design and build the highest quality renovations while making the experience itself, low-stress and enjoyable from design and throughout construction! We want to build “customers for life” and work together to “build your dreams”. We’re very detailed, organized, and follow a proven process for success. We’ve been fortunate enough to win over 25 awards for our work competing against some of the top builders in Wake County.

How can I have confidence in your estimate numbers? Do you charge a fee for proposals?

Construction budgets should be extremely detailed and organized using what builders refer to as cost codes. Cost codes make up labor and material and are specific to type. These are organized in the budget by phase of construction or in Group Categories.

An accurate proposal is only possible if the plans are finalized, the scope of work for each trade is ironed out and the selections are known and confirmed.  This only makes perfect sense. 

In our estimating process we send out bid requests to our vendors and subcontractors and obtain cost numbers back from them. Sometimes we need a site visit or send them photos and videos so there is clarity about what it is that is expected of them.  These numbers are then placed in the budget, piece by piece to obtain accurate data. 

If we feel a sub or vendor is coming in high (based on experience), we challenge it, ask questions and at times get a 2nd or 3rd quote to validate or improve the data we’re receiving.  Accountability is not fun but necessary.

Accuracy is our goal, it’s hard work, time-consuming and why proposals aren’t complimentary.

Is the renovation process stressful or difficult?

Taking on a renovation requires a significant amount of time and planning and yes it can be an emotional investment not just a financial investment. Our team focuses on making the process fun and exciting while still delivering exceptional quality and efficiency. We want the experience of the renovation to be as enjoyable as the lasting final product that you get to live in and enjoy for years to come.

How do I go about making our selections?

We have a full-time Interior Designer on staff to help you with the design and your selection choices. He has firsthand knowledge of local suppliers/vendors and can meet and visit with them to track down the exact finishes you desire. Having a motivated and dedicated team member to help streamline the design process has been a win-win for our clients and the Noble Renovation Team. 

How do your renovation costs compare to other Builders?

Our pricing aligns with that of other contractors who offer similar quality services and results. Unlike many of our competitors who operate on a cost-plus basis (some may not openly disclose this during the sales process), we operate as a fixed-price builder. While our upfront prices may appear slightly higher than those of cost-plus builders, our commitment is that once the price is set, it remains unchanged throughout the construction process. 

This means that your final cost will mirror the initial estimate, apart from any adjustments for changes, unknown factors, or upgrades initiated by you. We are transparent and work hard to be informative to you during the entire process to avoid surprises in your final bill.

We’ve heard horror stories of remodeling projects or new home builders going substantially over budget. What assurances do we have this won’t happen with Noble Renovation?

We have a 15-year track record of excellence relative to how we treat our clients.  There are no short cuts to building an accurate budget, and over the years, we’ve continued to get better and better at estimating big and complicated projects and improved learning what it costs to run a small business.   This is vital to our success and your happiness.  Frankly, this is where the rubber meets the road between contractors.  Many contractors are good at building things but not good at business because it was never taught or learned.  

Dependable accurate numbers begin with a completed set of plans, clearly written scope of work, received back bid request to vendors and subcontractors. It’s time-consuming and why we do charge for professional proposals.

Variances are accounted for using allowances for selections not yet selected and of course there are usually 1 or 2 changes order requests.  We do use some contingencies for unknowns. If Contingency money isn’t needed for “surprises” we credit this back to you on the final invoice.

Cost plus contractors are essentially charging you by the hour and they’re operating on the premise they don’t really know the cost of your project and they fully expect you’re going to change things as you go along anyways.  This doesn’t make much financial sense to us. Your home is an important part of your portfolio of investments; we want it to be a good investment for you.  Great design and great planning are how this is done right.